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Created Oct 8, 2019
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package main
import (
// Provider - The top level Azure DevOps Provider definition.
func Provider() *schema.Provider {
p := &schema.Provider{
ResourcesMap: map[string]*schema.Resource{
"azuredevops_pipeline": resourcePipeline(),
"azuredevops_project": resourceProject(),
"azuredevops_team": resourceTeam(),
"azuredevops_serviceendpoint": resourceServiceEndpoint(),
Schema: map[string]*schema.Schema{
"org_service_url": {
Type: schema.TypeString,
Required: true,
DefaultFunc: schema.EnvDefaultFunc("AZDO_ORG_SERVICE_URL", nil),
Description: "The url of the Azure DevOps instance which should be used.",
"personal_access_token": {
Type: schema.TypeString,
Required: true,
DefaultFunc: schema.EnvDefaultFunc("AZDO_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN", nil),
Description: "The personal access token which should be used.",
p.ConfigureFunc = providerConfigure(p)
return p
func providerConfigure(p *schema.Provider) schema.ConfigureFunc {
return func(d *schema.ResourceData) (interface{}, error) {
client, err := getAzdoClient(d.Get("personal_access_token").(string), d.Get("org_service_url").(string))
return client, err
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