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Last active July 8, 2022 12:00
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**Content tab**
I agree the works should be each on a separate row instead of a multi-select.
One added advantage: in the future we will most likely have a way to specify what page a certain work starts at, and it will be much easier if each is in a separate row.
It would also be helpful if we want to show a bit more information for each work in that tab like author (+ checkbox to copy author rel from AC).
We can pass some initial info to the Work state perhaps?
Author and language for example could be copied from the UF state
In creating new work inline, relationship editor doesn't work. Somehow missing the entity type:
Out of curiosity: why are Works not created immediately like authors and publishers created inline, but rather only created once we submit the form?
**Details tab**
Extra info accordion not necessary, should be directly on the page
**Submit tab**
Repeating Catquest's comment, I agree we should show a bit more of the information on each new entity.
Maybe for starters we can try the AuthorAttributes, WorkAttributes, etc. components as a base, and modify their styles if needed?
Lines like "Authors : 0" if I didn't create any Authors don't add any information and could be confusing, they should be removed.
**Entity creation modal**
I think the accordions/collapsible sections isn't working as well as I'd hoped.

If we want to keep accordions, we should change a few things:
Always have the first one open at first; should probably be renamed from "basic" to "name" ?
Put the "details" section right under "basic", possibly also open by default.
Less spacing between the sections: one of the reasons we wanted to add accordions is to save some space
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MonkeyDo commented Jul 8, 2022

Well, most of my comments already have been addressed, nicely done :)

I'm not sure if i understand this properly but authors and publisher also not created immediately...

I spazzed out, ignore me :)

How about showing entity attributes on tooltip when user hover over it?

In my opinion that defeats the idea of an overview. It's also not the most usable pattern when taking touch devices into account.
We can —and should— however do our best to make it take as little space as possible. I think we'll be able to do some css magic to help us on that front.
Another option is to add yet another accordion to expand the entity details.

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