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Last active June 13, 2024 19:48
Contractor Buddy Work Notes - Part 5

Contractor Buddy Work Notes - Part 5

Start: Thu 13 Jun 2024 01:54:42 PM CDT The project from now on is going to be focused on Test Driven Development.

Okay, so I am working on, going to back the schedule page where I will be modifying the modal by writing a test first to determine if the value is being saved in a timely manner and being kept in the relevant state vicinity.

test.describe('app', () => {
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Last active May 23, 2024 15:17
Contractor Bud README

About Contractor Bud

Contractor Bud is a app for managing contractors concerns. These concerns include scheduling, timecards, route management and time management.

This easy to use app will make truck drivers and route managers working lives much easier.

The goal is to have users manage their contracting company easily, these include timecards, schedules, hours and more.

To see the live project vist:

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Last active May 20, 2024 14:34
Contributing to Contractor Bud guide

Contribute to Contractor Bud

Only one feature thing per Pull Request.

Okay so once you wrote you code you would have to diagram it using Mermaid.js .

Excalidraw has a mermaid adapter.

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Last active May 19, 2024 19:58
How I dole out my coding for on Upwork

How we delegate work to Upwork - Draft 1

It would be to load up a bank or a case of milestones. So you would load up your bank and each in the briefcase has say 10 tasks and they would have to get to the end of the tasks.

Avoid hourly rate, hourly rates are bad.

I think we would have to work on diagramming software, I like obsidian with Excalidraw but it may be too hard to install.

The best thing is to keep it dev notes.

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Created May 16, 2024 17:25
Writing work notes, how to improve these notes, how I write them, etc.

Writing work notes

It would be dope if the plugin I am using on VS code had some functionality to update WordPress posts or at least send in to queue.

Useful vim commands:
Insert the date but this date would be in the format of MM/DD/YY
:r !echo -n $(date +\%m/\%d/\%y)
export const updateSummary = async (
entryID: string,
date: string,
routeID: string,
setSummaryObject: React.Dispatch<React.SetStateAction<any>>,
summaryObject: any,
) => {
alert('8, updateSummary');
// I'm pretty sure that BS id creation is coming from here:
try {
'use client';
import { useState, MouseEventHandler, useEffect } from 'react'; // Import MouseEventHandler
import Button from './button';
import { updateSummary, createRecordForSummary } from '#/app/utils/network-fns';
import TextareaAutosize from 'react-textarea-autosize';
import { UploadButton } from '#/app/utils/uploadthing';
import { ImageString } from './image-slider';
import StandardModal from './standard-modal';
import { FormattedRouteType } from '#/types/RouteTypes';
import { useSearchParams, usePathname, useRouter } from 'next/navigation';
'use client';
import { type WorkTime, type Routes, Prisma } from '@prisma/client';
import { useEffect, useState } from 'react';
import Button from './button';
import { set } from 'date-fns';
interface shiftsType {
name: string;
startTime: string;
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Last active April 23, 2024 16:33
Example toDo work chamber

Example toDo Chamber


  • 2x Get the route and date to be in a URL.

  • Date?

  • 2x - Enter a URL and have the search form bring up the route and/or Date which is in the URL.

  • Date?