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A retry implementation for Scala, a bit of explanations here:
val fail = Retry.retry(2) {
Await.result(fail, 10 second)
val rez = Retry.retry(2) {
Await.result(rez, 10 second)
import scala.concurrent.Await
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
import scala.concurrent.Future
import scala.concurrent.blocking
import scala.concurrent.duration.Deadline
import scala.concurrent.duration.Duration
import scala.concurrent.duration.DurationInt
import scala.concurrent.duration.DurationLong
import scala.concurrent.future
import scala.concurrent.promise
object Retry {
* exponential back off for retry
def exponentialBackoff(r: Int): Duration = scala.math.pow(2, r).round * 100 milliseconds
def noIgnore(t: Throwable): Boolean = false
* retry a particular block that can fail
* @param maxRetry how many times to retry before to giveup
* @param deadline how long to retry before giving up; default None
* @param backoff a back-off function that returns a Duration after which to retry. default is an exponential backoff at 100 milliseconds steps
* @param ignoreThrowable if you want to stop retrying on a particular exception
* @param block a block of code to retry
* @param ctx an execution context where to execute the block
* @returns an eventual Future succeeded with the value computed or failed with one of:
* `TooManyRetriesException` if there were too many retries without an exception being caught. Probably impossible if you pass decent parameters
* `DeadlineExceededException` if the retry didn't succeed before the provided deadline
* `TimeoutException` if you provide a deadline and the block takes too long to execute
* `Throwable` the last encountered exception
def retry[T](maxRetry: Int,
deadline: Option[Deadline] = None,
backoff: (Int) => Duration = exponentialBackoff,
ignoreThrowable: Throwable => Boolean = noIgnore)(block: => T)(implicit ctx: ExecutionContext): Future[T] = {
class TooManyRetriesException extends Exception("too many retries without exception")
class DeadlineExceededException extends Exception("deadline exceded")
val p = promise[T]
def recursiveRetry(retryCnt: Int, exception: Option[Throwable])(f: () => T): Option[T] = {
if (maxRetry == retryCnt
|| deadline.isDefined && deadline.get.isOverdue) {
exception match {
case Some(t) =>
p failure t
case None if deadline.isDefined && deadline.get.isOverdue =>
p failure (new DeadlineExceededException)
case None =>
p failure (new TooManyRetriesException)
} else {
val success = try {
val rez = if (deadline.isDefined) {
Await.result(future(f()), deadline.get.timeLeft)
} else {
} catch {
case t: Throwable if !ignoreThrowable(t) =>
blocking {
val interval = backoff(retryCnt).toMillis
recursiveRetry(retryCnt + 1, Some(t))(f)
case t: Throwable =>
p failure t
success match {
case Some(v) =>
p success v
case None => None
def doBlock() = block
future {
recursiveRetry(0, None)(doBlock)

kadwanev commented Jun 5, 2014

Very excellent!

I'd just suggest the default exponentialBackoff has a max so even if you don't mind waiting a very long time, the wait times are capped:

  def exponentialBackoff(r: Int): Duration = scala.math.pow(2, scala.math.min(r,8)).round * 100 milliseconds

myyk commented Oct 28, 2014

This is nice. It would be even better if it would randomly jitter the backoff.

Await.result and Thread.sleep :(

seahrh commented Sep 26, 2017

Why is it allowed to retry if the Throwable should not be ignored?

case t: Throwable if !ignoreThrowable(t) =>
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