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Our Privacy Policy For AGB

Data We Collect:

When you explicitly interact with the bot, we collect your message's content and your user data. We use this purely for the provision of the service and it is temporarily stored to gather statistics to provide a better service.

Why do we collect data?:

We only collect data for you to use the bot. The data we collect is nerver shared nor is it stored forever.

How to contact us:

My discord ID is "101118549958877184", Motzumoto#9773 (Refer to my ID instead of my username as my username can change)

We also have our own emailing system, if you have any questions or concerns, shoot us a email at

Can I contact you about data you collect regarding retriving it or having it deleted?:

Yes, please if you are not comfortable with the collection of data, contact me directly through discord so we can sort out what you want to be removed.

By using our service, you agree to these therms and you acknowledge that these terms can change at any time.

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