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This script generates a text/markdown file with the tasks from a taskpaper file sorted by due date in three groups: Overdue, Today and Tomorrow. Check out for more information.
import sys
import re
import operator
import datetime
This script generates a text/markdown file with the tasks from a taskpaper file sorted by due date in three groups:
Overdue, Today and Tomorrow. Also, all tasks with the @today tag are placed in the Today group.
The following parameters should be passed when running the script:
1. Taskpaper file.
2. text/markdown output file.
3. "c" or "p" (optional). If this argument is passed, tasks are ordered by either Context (c) or Priority (p)
after they have been ordered by due date.
4. Word (optional). If this argument is passed, the output file will only include tasks that have the Word passed
as an argument, filtering out all other tasks.
# Contants definition
file = sys.argv[1] # .taskpaper file
output = sys.argv[2] # Output .txt/md file
td = #gets today's date
tn =
contextList = ['driving','@work','@home'] #Contexts in the taskpaper file in order.
priorityList = ['@high'] #Priorities in order.
#contextList = ['@work','@home'] #Contexts in the taskpaper file in order.
#priorityList = ['@priority\(1\)','@priority\(2\)','@priority\(3\)'] #Priorities in order. Escaping parenthesis because elements will be used in a Regular Expression.
# These lists are global and used in the main program and some functions.
overdueLst = []
todayLst = []
tomorrowLst = []
def SortbyCriteria(taskList,orderList):
Returns a sorted list based on the items in the orderList argument list, leaving items not matching the
items in the orderList at the end.
sortedList = []
# The actual sorting process takes place here. The sorted lines are put in the sortedList
# based on the order of items in the orderList argument list
for taskTag in orderList:
regex = re.compile('.*'+taskTag+'.*')
for task in taskList:
findCtx = re.match(regex,task)
if findCtx: sortedList.append(task)
# Putting together Regular Expression based on all the items in orderList
regexString = ''
for taskTag in orderList:
regexString = regexString+'.*'+taskTag+'.*|'
regexString = regexString[:-1] #removes the last '|' character in the string
# Finding items in the list without the tag and adding them at the end of sortedList
regex = re.compile(regexString)
for task in taskList:
findCtx = re.match(regex,task)
if not findCtx: sortedList.append(task)
return sortedList
def FilterbyCriteria(taskList,filter):
filteredList = []
regex = re.compile('.*'+filter+'.*')
for task in taskList:
findFilter = re.match(regex,task)
if findFilter: filteredList.append(task)
return filteredList
def LoadTodos():
Opens taskpaper file and returns all lines/tasks in a list.
print 'Opening Taskpaper file...'
todo_file = open(file, 'rb')
raw_todos = todo_file.readlines()
todos = []
for item in raw_todos:
item = item.strip('\r\n')
return todos
def SortbyDueDate(list):
Goes over ToDos and distributes tasks in three lists according to their due date.
print 'Going through Due Dates...'
pjtNme = 'Unknown' # Default project name for task
regex = re.compile('.*@due\((....\-..\-..)\).*') # group 1 is the date
reDone = re.compile('.*@done.*')
reToday = re.compile('.*@today.*')
rePjt = re.compile('^([a-zA-Z0-9].*)\:$')
for line in list:
pjtLine = re.match(rePjt, line)
findDt = re.match(regex, line)
done =, line)
dueToday =, line)
if pjtLine: pjtNme =
if dueToday and not done: todayLst.append(line+' <'+pjtNme+'>\n')
if findDt and not done: # it should be checked first if it matches. If not, it may assign dueDt a Null value.
dueDt = findDt
dueDtlst ='-') # Takes group 1 of dueDt (which is the date string found), splits it and puts it in a list
print dueDtlst
dueDtdte =[0]), int(dueDtlst[1]), int(dueDtlst[2]))
dtDif = dueDtdte-td
if dtDif.days<0: overdueLst.append(line+' <'+pjtNme+'>\n')
elif dtDif.days==0: todayLst.append(line+' <'+pjtNme+'>\n')
elif dtDif.days==1: tomorrowLst.append(line+' <'+pjtNme+'>\n')
print 'Done.'
def WriteFile(title,list,workingFile):
workingFile.write("%s" % title)
for row in list:
workingFile.write("%s" % row)
# Main program
# -----------------------------------------
if __name__ == "__main__":
todoList = LoadTodos()
#sorting by date:
# If the sort argument is passed:
if len(sys.argv) >= 4:
sortOrder = sys.argv[3]
# sorting by the third argumentL:
Sorting by the third argument. It sorts by either Context or priority
using the lists at the beginning of the script as reference.
if sortOrder == 'c':
overdueLst = SortbyCriteria(overdueLst,contextList)
todayLst = SortbyCriteria(todayLst,contextList)
tomorrowLst = SortbyCriteria(tomorrowLst,contextList)
if sortOrder == 'p':
overdueLst = SortbyCriteria(overdueLst,priorityList)
todayLst = SortbyCriteria(todayLst,priorityList)
tomorrowLst = SortbyCriteria(tomorrowLst,priorityList)
# Filtering
If a 4th argument is passed, then results are filtered by the argument.
if len(sys.argv) == 5:
filterBy = sys.argv[4]
overdueLst = FilterbyCriteria(overdueLst,filterBy)
todayLst = FilterbyCriteria(todayLst,filterBy)
tomorrowLst = FilterbyCriteria(tomorrowLst,filterBy)
# Writing to the file
print 'Writing tasks to file...'
txtFile= open(output, 'w')
WriteFile("## Sorted Tasks ## \n**Do not edit this file.**\n\n",[],txtFile)
WriteFile("### Overdue:\n",overdueLst,txtFile)
todayText = '### Due Today (%s):\n' % str(tn.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"))
WriteFile("### Due Tomorrow:\n",tomorrowLst,txtFile)
print 'Done.'
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