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quickly add field(s) to existing Django models with South
Simple-as-possible instructions to add a field (or more) using South
to an existing Django model with existing data.
Two versions:
1. Super-condensed (the bare minimum - jfdi)
2. Detailed-but-brief (if you want more information).
[appname] is a placeholder for the name of your Django app.
South works separately on each application, not on a whole project.
Commands are in backticks: `command here`
1. Super-condensed instructions:
(you already know your way around, but are new to South)
`sudo easy_install South`
add 'south' to INSTALLED_APPS
`./ syncdb`
`./ convert_to_south [appname]`
add new field(s)
`./ schemamigration [appname] --auto`
`./ migrate [appname]`
see the new field in your Django project admin.
2. Detailed-but-brief instructions:
(if you want more details)
1. get South with: `sudo easy_install South` (note capital 'S')
2. add 'south' to your project's INSTALLED_APPS in (note small 's')
(test the install: `./ shell` then `import south` - no message=good!)
3. type: `./ syncdb`
(make South migration-tracking tables)
4. type: `./ convert_to_south [appname]`
(shortcut for --initial followed by a migrate --fake)
5. add the field to your model
- unless you pre-populate it with default data, it needs both
null=True, blank=True
to be empty in the database and for Django admin validation.
6. type: `./ schemamigration [appname] --auto`
7. type: `./ migrate [appname]`
8. You can now use the new field and view it in your Django admin.
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