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//* Full credits and appreciation to The Rational Flibbr Indicators Creator
//* flibbr : : @flibbr
//* Consider tipping flibbr
study(title="The Rational Flibbr Indicator v2", shorttitle="The Rational Flibbr Indicator v2")
useCustomTick = input(false, title="Custom ticker? [Y/N]", confirm=true)
tickCustom = input(title="Symbol [e.g. BTCCNY:HUOBI]", type=string, defval="")
useCustomRes = input(false, title="Custom time interval? [Y/N]", confirm=true)
resCustom = input(title="Time interval (W, D, [min])", type=string, defval="")
tickery = useCustomTick ? tickCustom : tickerid
res = useCustomRes ? resCustom : period
source = security(tickery, res, close)
length = input(21, minval=1, title="Will")
//Williams%R + EMA
upper = highest(length)
lower = lowest(length)
out = 100 * (source - upper) / (upper - lower)
src = out, len = input(13, minval=1, title="EMA")
out2 = ema(out, len)
//Inputs (2)
Sup = input(-20, minval=-100, title="Level of stupidity UP")
Sdown = input(-80, minval=-100, title="Level of stupidity DOWN")
HCross = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Highlight crossovers? [Y/N]")
Flex = input(3, minval=1, maxval=10, title="Cross flexibility [1-10]")
BGcoloring = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Background coloring? [Y/N]")
Transpa = input(65, title="Background color transparency [%]")
band1 = hline(Sup, title="Band upperline", linestyle=dashed, linewidth=1, color= black)
band0 = hline(Sdown, title="Band bottomline", linestyle=dashed, linewidth=1, color= black)
top = hline(0, title="Top", linestyle=solid, linewidth=1, color= black)
bottom = hline(-100, title="Bottom", linestyle=solid, linewidth=1, color= black)
fill(band1, band0, color=white, transp=100, title="Inner band")
plot(out >= Sup ? 0 : na, title="overbought", color=#FF5050, style=circles, linewidth=2, transp=50)
plot(out <= Sdown ? -100 : na, title="oversold", color=#99FF33, style=circles, linewidth=2, transp=50)
plot((HCross and cross(out, out2) and out2 >= (Sup-Flex)) ? out2 : na,title="Overbought cross", color=red, style=circles, linewidth=4, transp=50)
plot((HCross and cross(out, out2) and out2 <= (Sdown+Flex)) ? out2 : na,title="Oversold cross", color=#00FF00, style=circles, linewidth=4, transp=50)
Will = plot(out, title="Will", color=#19193E, linewidth=1)
EMA = plot(out2, title="EMA", color=(out2[0]>out2[1]? green:red), linewidth=2)
plot((HCross and cross(out, out2) and out2 >= (Sup-Flex)) or (HCross and cross(out, out2) and out2 <= (Sdown+Flex))? out2 : na,title="Cross center", color=black, style=circles, linewidth=2, transp=80)
//bgcolor(BGcoloring? (out2[0]>out2[1]? green:red) : na, transp=Transpa)
//* Slightly improved by RooKiED
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