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Python - How to Download image from url(image) using python
def imgDownloader(self, url, filename):
name_replce = filename.replace(' ', '-')
fileext = os.path.splitext(url)[1]
full_name = name_replce+fileext
if not url:
return ""
filepath = os.path.join("img",full_name)
if not os.path.exists("img"):
if fileext in ('.jpg','.jpeg','.gif','.png','.svg'):
full_name = full_name
except Exception as e:
# print("fetch {} error:{}".format(url,e),sys.stderr)
full_name = ""
if full_name:
import PIL
from PIL import Image
path = os.getcwd()+"/img/"+full_name
basewidth = 320
img =
wpercent = (basewidth / float(img.size[0]))
hsize = int((float(img.size[1]) * float(wpercent)))
img = img.resize((basewidth, hsize), PIL.Image.ANTIALIAS)"/img/"+name_replce+'-thumb'+fileext)
thumb = name_replce+'-thumb'+fileext
thumb = ""
return full_name, thumb
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