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Last active Nov 16, 2021
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Cross-platform Vox hello world
// > vox hello_vox.vx && hello_vox
// hello windows
// > vox hello_vox.vx --target=linux-x64
// > wsl ./hello_vox
// hello linux
#version(windows) {
@extern(module, "kernel32"):
enum u32 stdin = 0xFFFFFFF6;
enum u32 stdout = 0xFFFFFFF5;
enum u32 stderr = 0xFFFFFFF4;
noreturn ExitProcess(u32 uExitCode);
u8 WriteConsoleA(void* hConsoleOutput, u8* lpBuffer, u32 nNumberOfCharsToWrite, u32* lpNumberOfCharsWritten, void* lpReserved);
void* GetStdHandle(u32 nStdHandle);
alias exit = ExitProcess;
void write(u32 fd, u8[] data) {
WriteConsoleA(GetStdHandle(fd), data.ptr, cast(u32)data.length, null, null);
#version(linux) {
enum u32 stdin = 0;
enum u32 stdout = 1;
enum u32 stderr = 2;
@extern(syscall, 60)
void exit(i32 error_code);
@extern(syscall, 1)
void sys_write(u32 fd, u8* buf, u64 count);
void write(u32 fd, u8[] data) {
sys_write(fd, data.ptr, data.length);
void main(void* hInstance, void* hPrevInstance, u8* lpCmdLine, i32 nShowCmd)
#version(windows) u8[] msg = "hello windows\n";
#version(linux) u8[] msg = "hello linux\n";
write(stdout, msg);
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