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Button_sass #sass
display: inline-block
border: none
color: #fff
text-decoration: none
background-color: $accent
padding: 15px 45px
font-size: 13px
text-transform: uppercase
font-weight: 600
letter-spacing: 3px
border-radius: 2px
text-align: center
position: relative
outline: none
transition: background-color .1s ease
cursor: pointer
transition: background-color .2s ease
position: absolute
content: ''
height: 4px
bottom: 0
width: 100%
background-color: darken($accent, 50%)
opacity: .18
border-bottom-left-radius: 2px
border-bottom-right-radius: 2px
left: 0
&:focus, &:hover
text-decoration: none
color: #fff
background-color: lighten($accent, 5%)
opacity: .22
background-color: darken($accent, 5%)
opacity: .32
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