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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Solution to the hangman problem
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
wordbank = ["tumble", "elixir", "falter", "erroneous", "sensible", "arrogant"] #Create wordbank with some words
word = wordbank.sample.upcase #Choose sample word from bank
unaltered_word = word.upcase #Word will be altered later, this is used for congrats message
previous_guesses = [] #Stores user's guesses to alert when re-use is attempted
target = "_"*word.length #Displays user's progress in guessing the word
counter = 8 #Create and display a counter for guesses
def add_guess(array, guess) #DRY's out adding old guesses to their array
array << guess
def congrats(solution) #DRY's out congrats messages ...but something is wrong here
puts "Congratulations, you got it! The word is : #{solution}"
def failure #DRY's out failure messages
puts "Sorry, better luck next time!"
def prompt(target, counter) #DRY's out user input and progress prompt
puts "Word to guess: #{target} " #Create a and display "target" string of _ _ _ _ _'s
print "Guess a single letter or the entire word. " #Prompt user for input
puts "#{counter} tries remaining!\n" #decrementing counter
until counter == 0 || !target.include?("_") #Loop until no more tries remaining or user has guessed word
prompt(target, counter)
guess = gets.chomp.upcase
if guess.length == 1 #If single character
if previous_guesses.include?(guess) #Did user already guess that letter?
puts "You've already guessed that letter!\n" #If yes, return to prompt
elsif word.include?(guess) #If not, does word include guess?
puts "Good guess!\n"
until !word.include?(guess)
position = word.index(guess) #Index it, where in word is guess?
target[position] = guess #Replace that position of word with guess using [ ]
word[position] = "_" #Remove the letter from word for re-indexing
add_guess(previous_guesses, guess) #ADD GUESS TO ALREADY GUESSED LETTERS
puts "Sorry, try again!\n"
counter -= 1 #If not included, decrement counter, alert user
add_guess(previous_guesses, guess) #Add guess to already guessed
elsif guess.length > 1 #If multicharacter, does guess equal word?
if guess == unaltered_word
congrats(unaltered_word) #If yes, congrats
failure #If no, failure
congrats(target) if !target.include?("_") #If target == word
failure if counter == 0 #If counter == 0 ...lose
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