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PowerShell: Get-FileBitness
function Get-FileBitness {
HelpMessage = "Enter binary file(s) to examine",
Position = 0,
Mandatory = $true,
ValueFromPipeline = $true,
ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true
[ValidateScript({Test-Path $_.FullName})]
# PE Header machine offset
[int32]$MACHINE_OFFSET = 4
# PE Header pointer offset
[int32]$PE_POINTER_OFFSET = 60
# Initial byte array size
[int32]$PE_HEADER_SIZE = 4096
# Create a location to place the byte data
[byte[]]$BYTE_ARRAY = New-Object -TypeName System.Byte[] -ArgumentList @(,$PE_HEADER_SIZE)
# Open the file for read access
$FileStream = New-Object -TypeName System.IO.FileStream -ArgumentList ($Path, [System.IO.FileMode]::Open, [System.IO.FileAccess]::Read)
# Read the requested byte length into the byte array
$FileStream.Read($BYTE_ARRAY, 0, $BYTE_ARRAY.Length) | Out-Null
[int32]$PE_HEADER_ADDR = [System.BitConverter]::ToInt32($BYTE_ARRAY, $PE_POINTER_OFFSET)
try {
[int32]$machineUint = [System.BitConverter]::ToUInt16($BYTE_ARRAY, $PE_HEADER_ADDR + $MACHINE_OFFSET)
} catch {
$machineUint = 0xffff
switch ($machineUint) {
0x0000 {return 'UNKNOWN'}
0x0184 {return 'ALPHA'}
0x01d3 {return 'AM33'}
0x8664 {return 'AMD64'}
0x01c0 {return 'ARM'}
0x01c4 {return 'ARMNT'} # aka ARMV7
0xaa64 {return 'ARM64'} # aka ARMV8
0x0ebc {return 'EBC'}
0x014c {return 'I386'}
0x014d {return 'I860'}
0x0200 {return 'IA64'}
0x0268 {return 'M68K'}
0x9041 {return 'M32R'}
0x0266 {return 'MIPS16'}
0x0366 {return 'MIPSFPU'}
0x0466 {return 'MIPSFPU16'}
0x01f0 {return 'POWERPC'}
0x01f1 {return 'POWERPCFP'}
0x01f2 {return 'POWERPCBE'}
0x0162 {return 'R3000'}
0x0166 {return 'R4000'}
0x0168 {return 'R10000'}
0x01a2 {return 'SH3'}
0x01a3 {return 'SH3DSP'}
0x01a6 {return 'SH4'}
0x01a8 {return 'SH5'}
0x0520 {return 'TRICORE'}
0x01c2 {return 'THUMB'}
0x0169 {return 'WCEMIPSV2'}
0x0284 {return 'ALPHA64'}
0xffff {return 'INVALID'}
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