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import argparse
import pathlib
import vapoursynth as vs
from vapoursynth import core
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--use-scxvid', action='store_true', help="use Scxvid instead of WWXD to detect scene changes")
parser.add_argument('--use-slices', action='store_true', help="when using Scxvid, speeds things up at the cost of differences in scene detection")
parser.add_argument('--sushi', action='store_true', help="sushi compatible (pseudo-XviD 2pass stat file) format")
parser.add_argument('--out-file', help="the file to write scene changes to (Aegisub format); defaults to 'keyframes.txt' in the same directory as the input video file")
parser.add_argument('clip', help="the input video file")
args = parser.parse_args()
out_path = args.out_file or str(pathlib.Path(args.clip).parent / "keyframes.txt")
use_scxvid = args.use_scxvid
clip = core.ffms2.Source(source=args.clip)
clip = core.resize.Bilinear(clip, 640, 360, format=vs.YUV420P8) # speed up the analysis by resizing first
clip = core.scxvid.Scxvid(clip, use_slices=args.use_slices) if use_scxvid else core.wwxd.WWXD(clip)
out_txt = []
if args.sushi:
out_txt.append("# XviD 2pass stat file\n\n")
out_txt.append("# keyframe format v1\nfps 0")
for i in range(clip.num_frames):
props = clip.get_frame(i).props
scenechange = props._SceneChangePrev if use_scxvid else props.Scenechange
if args.sushi:
out_txt.append("i" if scenechange else "b")
elif scenechange:
if i % 1000 == 0:
out_txt.append("") # trailing newline just in case
with open(out_path, 'w') as f:
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