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Created February 13, 2023 12:58
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Proposal: AWIC003 - Nick's Build Queue

Proposal name: Nick's Build Queue

Proposal overview: A system where People & Councils can have me (Nick Kusters) build things. There is a lot of things that still needs to be built to make the AlienWorlds Syndicates system a better place, but there are always issues around funding and priority. This system will let people dictate what gets built first, add things to the queue and it can also serve as a repository of work that can be used to offload excess planet funds without losing value.

Proposal breakdown:

  • People can submit ideas for stuff that I should build. -- Adding build tasks to the queue will require a minimal vote of 1000 NVOTE tokens to get added.
  • I'll try to add estimates and comment on feasability for everything submitted (within reason, based on the higest voted un-estimated proposals first)
  • People can upvote what they want to see built first. -- You 'vote' with WAX and TLM (non-WAX tokens will be valued at the WAX equivalent price at that time). WAX gives you 1:1 NVOTE tokens (no fractions) 'Voted' TLM goes into the work pool and spent when working on the projects. --- When a project is completed, you get 1/4th your NVOTE tokens back (rounded down), that you can to vote again, the rest is burned.
  • I'll pay myself out of the accumulated pool based on how much time I spent (equivalent of $170/hr in TLM)
  • This system will be the first thing to build from the initial funds. Once completed, I will track it as if it were voted like that by the Councils that funded it, meaning they will get half the NVOTE equivalent after the system has been built which they can use to have more stuff built.

Requested funding:

amout:680000 TLM
title:Nick's Build Queue
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NKCSS commented Feb 13, 2023

Let's say this sytem is built, and you'd like to have a contract to simplify paying custodians.

You'd add the proposal: "Make a contract that, when TLM is sent from a .dac wallet, it allocates equal funds for each active custodian at that time, which they can withdraw at their convencience", and send at least 1000 NVOTE, 1000 WAX, or 1000 WAX in TLM to nkbuildqueue, and it will be added to the build queue.

The queue will be visible on a website, and it will be ranked by NVOTE power. Let's say another proposal sits in #1 with 1500 NVOTE power, that means that, whenever I have time, I will work on that proposal till it's finished. Now, if you want me to work on this new proposal first, you add at least 501 NVOTE to that proposal, and it overtakes #1, which means, the next time I have time to work on things, I will work on that proposal first.

After I completed the task, you will get 375 NVOTE back (you spent 1501 NVOTE, / 4, rounded down, is 375), which you can use to vote on another build task, or to add more tasks to build.

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Nicks First Task: Build a MMO Survival Game that is fun, well thought out, and well executed. It has to be really engaging and work on decent PCs with a roadmap to add support for consoles.
Take inspiration from ARK Survival Evolved, Grounded, Conan Exiles, Subnautica, Raft and ofcourse Rust.

Budget: None Existing

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