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public IActionResult Predict(
float season,
float year,
float month,
DateTime hour,
bool holiday,
float weekday,
float weather,
float temperature,
float normalizedTemperature,
float humidity,
float windspeed)
var justHour = hour.Hour;
var input = new BikeSharingDemandSample()
Season = season,
Year = year,
Month = month,
Hour = justHour,
Holiday = holiday,
Weekday = weekday,
Weather = weather,
Temperature = temperature,
NormalizedTemperature = normalizedTemperature,
Humidity = humidity,
Windspeed = windspeed,
Count = 0
var prediction = _machineLearningModel.Predict(input);
ViewData.Add("prediction", prediction.PredictedCount);
return View();
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