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Created January 19, 2019 14:55
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def train(self, epochs, train_data, batch_size):
real = np.ones((batch_size, 1))
fake = np.zeros((batch_size, 1))
history = []
for epoch in range(epochs):
# Train Discriminator
batch_indexes = np.random.randint(0, train_data.shape[0], batch_size)
batch = train_data[batch_indexes]
latent_vector_fake = self.encoder_model.predict(batch)
latent_vector_real = np.random.normal(size=(batch_size, self.latent_dimension))
loss_real = self.discriminator_model.train_on_batch(latent_vector_real, real)
loss_fake = self.discriminator_model.train_on_batch(latent_vector_fake, fake)
discriminator_loss = 0.5 * np.add(loss_real, loss_fake)
# Train Generator
generator_loss = self.aae.train_on_batch(batch, [batch, real])
# Plot the progress
print ("---------------------------------------------------------")
print ("******************Epoch {}***************************".format(epoch))
print ("Discriminator loss: {}".format(discriminator_loss[0]))
print ("Generator loss: {}".format(generator_loss))
print ("---------------------------------------------------------")
# Save images from every hundereth epoch generated images
if epoch % 100 == 0:
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