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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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ShareJS 0.7.3 server-side code
# based on
# see
{Duplex} = require 'stream'
http = require 'http';
connect = require 'connect'
morgan = require 'morgan'
serveStatic = require 'serve-static'
argv = require('optimist').argv
livedb = require 'livedb'
livedbMongo = require 'livedb-mongo'
sharejs = require 'share'
app = connect()
app.use morgan()
app.use '/srv', serveStatic sharejs.scriptsDir
app.use serveStatic "#{__dirname}/app"
backend = livedb.client livedb.memory()
#backend = livedb.client livedbMongo('localhost:27017/test?auto_reconnect', safe:false)
backend.addProjection '_users', 'users', 'json0', {x:true}
share = sharejs.server.createClient {backend}
server = http.createServer app
WebSocketServer = require('ws').Server
wss = new WebSocketServer {server}
wss.on 'connection', (client) ->
stream = new Duplex objectMode:yes
stream._write = (chunk, encoding, callback) ->
console.log 's->c ', chunk
client.send JSON.stringify chunk
stream._read = -> # Ignore. You can't control the information, man!
stream.headers = client.upgradeReq.headers
stream.remoteAddress = client.upgradeReq.connection.remoteAddress
client.on 'message', (data) ->
console.log 'c->s ', data
stream.push JSON.parse data
stream.on 'error', (msg) ->
console.error msg
client.close msg
client.on 'close', (reason) ->
stream.push null
stream.emit 'close'
console.log 'client went away'
client.close reason
stream.on 'end', ->
# ... and give the stream to ShareJS.
share.listen stream
port = argv.p or 7007
server.listen port
console.log "Listening on http://localhost:#{port}/"
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