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Eric Siegel NTICompass

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#!/bin/env python3
Brute-force solver for a math toy/puzzle
©1993 Silver Star
import operator
from itertools import product
from collections import deque
NTICompass / conky.conf
Last active October 17, 2019 18:17
Conky Config
conky.config = {
use_xft = true,
xftalpha = 0.8,
update_interval = 1.0,
total_run_times = 0,
own_window = true,
own_window_transparent = true,
own_window_argb_visual = true,
own_window_type = 'normal',
NTICompass /
Last active June 17, 2022 14:38
BEK File Decoder
#!/bin/env python3
PyLocker: A python program to do stuff with BitLocker drives & files. Prints info about BEK files (startup keys)
import struct, binascii
# from
from filetimes import filetime_to_dt
NTICompass / _emergeTools
Created July 17, 2016 02:15
Gentoo Portage shortcuts script (and ZSH completion file)
#compdef emergeTools
# This is a zsh autocomplete file for NTICompass' "emergeTools" script
local -a commands
'update: Update emerge''s database'
'upgrade: List available package updates'
'safe-upgrade: Run upgrade WITHOUT --keep-going'
'check: [deprecated] Run revdep-rebuild'
NTICompass / flashMount
Last active August 30, 2017 16:14
Mount Encrypted Drives
# This script uses dislocker-fuse to mount bitlocker'd flash drives
# First off, we need to know the drive to mount.
# For now, it'll need to be passed. Maybe in the future, we can use dislocker-find or something.
# Anyway, we need to get its recovery key, so we can check to see if we have it saved.
KEYS=$(sudo dislocker-metadata -V $1 | grep 'Recovery Key GUID' | grep -Eo "'.+'")
NTICompass / mandrillDomains.php
Last active October 31, 2023 16:05
Bulk-remove Mandrill sending domains
// Quick and dirty script to remove spam domains from our mandrill account
define('API_KEY', '');
// Their API doesn't offer a "delete" method, so I'm using their website
define('USERNAME', '');
define('PASSWORD', '');
echo 'Downloading domain list...';
// Step 1, get all "sending domains" via their API
$jsonKey = json_encode(['key' => API_KEY]);
NTICompass /
Last active September 17, 2016 18:39
SSH magic tricks
# Should we connect via IPv4 or IPv6?
if ping -c 1 &> /dev/null
NTICompass /
Last active March 8, 2016 16:07
Soarer Converter - Model M Remap
ifset set3
# Model M 1394100
# Fix the symbol keys
# I want to macro the cents key, so I need an unused keycode
NTICompass / Dockerfile
Created January 27, 2016 22:10
Run headless wkhtmltopdf inside Docker container
# wkhtmltopdf from:
FROM centos:7
MAINTAINER Eric Siegel <>
# Upgrade packages & repo
RUN yum -y update
# wkhtmltopdf's dependencies
RUN yum -y install zlib fontconfig freetype libX11 libXext libXrender
# Download x64 static build of wkhtmltox (with patched QT)

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