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Created February 15, 2021 09:15
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Query the Cisco ACI APIC API using Python & requests
import requests, json
apic_url = ''
apic_username = 'admin'
apic_password = 'ciscopsdt'
def apic_login(apic: str, username: str, password: str) -> dict:
""" APIC login and return session cookie """
apic_cookie = {}
credentials = {'aaaUser': {'attributes': {'name': apic_username, 'pwd': apic_password }}}
json_credentials = json.dumps(credentials)
base_url = 'https://' + apic + '/api/aaaLogin.json'
login_response =, data=json_credentials)
login_response_json = json.loads(login_response.text)
token = login_response_json['imdata'][0]['aaaLogin']['attributes']['token']
apic_cookie['APIC-Cookie'] = token
return apic_cookie
def apic_query(apic: str, path: str, cookie: dict) -> dict:
""" APIC 'GET' query and return response """
base_url = 'https://' + apic + path
get_response = requests.get(base_url, cookies=cookie)
return get_response
def apic_logout(apic: str, cookie:dict) -> dict:
""" APIC logout and return response """
base_url = 'https://' + apic + '/api/aaaLogout.json'
post_response =, cookies=cookie)
return post_response
apic_cookie = apic_login(apic=apic_url, username=apic_username, password=apic_password)
response = apic_query(apic=apic_url, path='/api/class/fabricHealthTotal.json', cookie=apic_cookie)
logout_response = apic_logout(apic=apic_url, cookie=apic_cookie)
response_json = json.loads(response.text)
fab_health_total = response_json['imdata'][0]['fabricHealthTotal']['attributes']['cur']
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The output you've presented informs you about the wrong username or password or both
There is no IP address validation and wrong credentials are not handled in the code posted, therefore you are expected to provide the correct credentials to get the result.

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