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# Docker Daemon varsayilan olarak ag iletisimi olmadan
# sadece Unix socket uzerinden calismaktadir.
# Docker Client ve Daemon arasinda HTTPS uzerinden
# guvenli iletisimin kurulmasi icin TLS aktif hale getirilmelidir.
# Client ve Server/daemon arasindaki guvenli iletisim agi
# icin gereken client ve server sertifikasyonlarini
# olusturmaliyiz.
spalladino /
Created Dec 22, 2015
Backup and restore a mysql database from a running Docker mysql container
# Backup
docker exec CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root --password=root DATABASE > backup.sql
# Restore
cat backup.sql | docker exec -i CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysql -u root --password=root DATABASE
brock /
Last active Aug 2, 2020
Exporting and Importing Postgres Databases using gzip
# This is just a cheat sheet:
# On production
sudo -u postgres pg_dump database | gzip -9 > database.sql.gz
# On local
scp -C production:~/database.sql.gz
dropdb database && createdb database
gunzip < database.sql.gz | psql database
marekdano / todolist.jsx
Last active May 12, 2020
Simple Todo list app using React and ES6 with functions delete a todo and/or mark a todo as done
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import React from 'react';
Todo app structure
- TodoHeader
- TodoList
- TodoListItem #1
- TodoListItem #2
ryanwinchester / bitwise.php
Last active Mar 1, 2020
BITWISE FLAGS for Custom PHP Objects
View bitwise.php
* BITWISE FLAGS for Custom PHP Objects
* @link
* Sometimes I need a custom PHP Object that holds several boolean TRUE or FALSE values.
* I could easily include a variable for each of them, but as always, code has a way to
* get unweildy pretty fast. A more intelligent approach always seems to be the answer,
johnpolacek / .gitconfig
Last active Aug 8, 2020
My current .gitconfig aliases
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co = checkout
cob = checkout -b
coo = !git fetch && git checkout
br = branch
brd = branch -d
brD = branch -D
merged = branch --merged
st = status
aa = add -A .
View github-webhook-handler.php
* GitHub webhook handler template.
* @see
* @author Miloslav Hůla (
$hookSecret = 's.e.c.r.e.t'; # set NULL to disable check
tomhemsley / gist:e985db339da947fa035d
Created Aug 5, 2014
Meta Slider Change Capability / User Role Editor
View gist:e985db339da947fa035d
* The default capability required to use Meta Slider is 'edit_others_posts'.
* You can change this to a different capability by pasting the code below into
* your themes functions.php file.
* You can use the 'User Role Editor' plugin to add a custom capability to WordPress
* specifically for Meta Slider users.
function metaslider_change_required_role($capability) {
return 'metaslider_use'; // this is the ID of a custom capability added using User Role Editor
danharper / background.js
Last active Aug 3, 2020
Bare minimum Chrome extension to inject a JS file into the given page when you click on the browser action icon. The script then inserts a new div into the DOM.
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// this is the background code...
// listen for our browerAction to be clicked
chrome.browserAction.onClicked.addListener(function (tab) {
// for the current tab, inject the "inject.js" file & execute it
chrome.tabs.executeScript(tab.ib, {
file: 'inject.js'
Xeoncross /
Last active May 21, 2020
How composer actually works


the missing quick-start guide

We will assume we have a package/project called

Most redistributable packages are hosted on a version control website such as Github or Bitbucket. Version control repositories often have a tagging system where we can define stable versions of our application. For example with git we can use the command:

git tag -a 1.0.0 -m 'First version.'

With this we have created version 1.0.0 of our application. This is a stable release which people can depend on. If we wanted to include "foo/bar" then we could create a composer.json and specify the tagged release we wanted:

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