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Try writing this with both an option field and a hanging animation closure, with no completion...

        UIView.animateWithDuration(0.2, delay: 0, options: .CurveEaseOut, animations: { 
        }, completion: nil)

I should beable to do this


Example Enums:

enum SessionChannel: Int {
    case NeedsAuthentication = 0
    case VerifiedUser = 1

enum SessionEvent {
View if let
infix operator ?= {  precedence 90 }

func ?= <T> (inout f: T, optional:T?){
    let _  = optional.flatMap{f = $0}

Usage looks like: ?= json["name"]?.string
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private func comparableAttributes<T, U:Equatable>(first f:T, second s:T)->(T->U) -> U?{
    return { trans in
        let x = trans(f)
        let y = trans(s)
        return (x == y) ? nil : x

If i do this it doesnt work...

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###Subject: isEqual to replace == Equatable Requirement

Hi all,

I would like to propose changing the Equatable protocol to use isEqual(to:Self) -> Bool, defined inside of a type to replace the currently used operator == function, which is defined outside of the type.


  1. Having the conforming function defined inside of the type is more intuitive, since in general functions required for conformance are defined within the type. It feels like an unnecesary detail for learners of Swift to have to stumble through.
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let arr = [1,2,3,4]
func & <T>(lhs:Array<T>,rhs:[Int]) -> T?{
guard let index = rhs.first else{
print("no index!")
return nil
if index < 0{
print("negative index")
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enum ListError: ErrorType {
case Empty
case Unknown
extension CollectionType {
typealias Elem = Self.Generator.Element
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<>, both not included in range,
<=>, both included
<==, left not included,
==> right not included
infix operator <> {}
infix operator <=> {}
infix operator ==> {}
infix operator <== {}
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func ~= <T:Comparable>(lhs:T,rhs:(T,T)) -> Bool{
if lhs < rhs.0{
return false
if lhs > rhs.1{
return false
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extension Int {
/// Construct an instance that approximates `other`.
public init(_ other: Float)
/// Construct an instance that approximates `other`.
public init(_ other: Double)
/// Construct an instance that approximates `other`.
public init(_ other: Float80)