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Last active Jul 25, 2019
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Serokell is hiring Nix DevOps Engineers

tl;dr Serokell is hiring Nix DevOps Engineers

Hi! We’re Serokell – a company with about 30 Haskellers working on a bunch of blockchain-related projects (like Cardano or TeachMePlease). We are hiring SREs and a Head of IT Operations that can work with Nix (yay Nix!) and know some Haskell. The job is fully remote.

A bit more about us

Serokell is a development and consulting company founded in 2015. We have about 30 developers (all working remotely!) that write almost exclusively Haskell. A lot of us come from Russia and we’ve got an office in St. Petersburg, which you are absolutely welcome to visit if you want to – but we won’t blame you for not wanting to, of course. Just sayin’.

Our best-known project is Cardano, an open-source cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $15B. While Cardano is developed in collaboration with IOHK, we have several projects of our own, and they’ve recently come to a stage where we need more IT Operations Engineers to help us. Hence this job ad :)

Finally, a list of nice things about Serokell, compiled by one of our developers:

  • Very flexible hours and stuff

  • Over 150 custom emojis in Slack

  • Projects that are more interesting than “we’re going to disrupt the industry with one more REST API backend running on AWS”

  • Little to no bureaucracy, despite our managers’ best efforts (we tried weekly standups once and gave up after like two weeks)

Who we are looking for

Site Reliability Engineers and a Head of IT Operations. We mainly use NixOS and Hydra, and we also require basic familiarity with Haskell. If you have any experience with AWS, Travis CI or AppVeyor, be sure to mention that – even though they aren’t hard requirements by any means.

A quirky sense of humor, decent communication skills, and a story about that one time you took initiative will all be appreciated during the interview. Also, if you’re very bad at setting priorities/goals and working towards them, it would be rather nice if you mentioned that right from the start. (An HR guy can dream, right?)

Site Reliability Engineer (IT Operations Engineer)

We expect you to:

  • feel at home using Linux;
  • understand a thing or two about networks (IP addresses and routing, TCP, UDP);
  • be prepared to spend quite a lot of time reading and writing Nix expressions;
  • be prepared to program in Haskell when not writing Nix expressions;
  • know how to use common dev tools (like git).

Head of IT Operations

We would like you to be experienced in managing IT infrastructure. Namely, we expect you to:

  • have a closer relationship with Linux than most “ordinary” developers (you shouldn’t find the idea of building LFS scary at all);
  • understand more than two things about networks (you should know the bottlenecks of TCP and be able to configure VLANs);
  • understand security pretty well (things like X.509);
  • have experience with Nix and NixOS (and if you haven’t learned NixOps yet, you should be ready to);
  • know what AWS is and how to use it to get things done.

Most likely, you’ll have to read and write some Haskell code.

How to apply

If you think you’re the Site Reliability Engineer that we need, apply here.

If you’re aiming higher, fill out this form to apply for the Head of IT Operations position.

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