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QuakeLive dedicated server guide draft; the rest is somewhere on another machine
screen -x workshop
steamcmd +login anonymous +workshop_download_item 282440 539421606 +quit
screen -x server
steam@ql:~$ tree qlds_fs_homepath/27960/
└── baseq3
├── access.txt
├── mappool.txt
├── server.cfg
├── workshop.txt
└── zmqpass.txt
steam@ql:~$ cat qlds_fs_homepath/27960/baseq3/access.txt
# Be sure to run /reload_access if editing this file while server is running.
# The server will overwrite your changes on map exit and shutdown
# 1 entry per line, format: steamid|(mod|admin|ban)
# ex: 76561198072786081|ban
steam@ql:~$ cat qlds_fs_homepath/27960/baseq3/workshop.txt
# specify 1 workshop item id per line, ex:
# 494372396
# 441344649
steam@ql:~$ cat qlds_fs_homepath/27960/baseq3/server.cfg
set bot_enable 1
set bot_minplayers 2
set bot_thinktime 0
set bot_challenge 1
set bot_startingSkill 5
set bot_aasoptimize 1
set bot_groundOnly 1
set sv_tags "nakilon, g_alltalk 1" // Comma delimited field of server tags to show in server browser.
// Will automatically include gametype and some gameplay modifications.
// ex. "crouch slide, classic, space"
set com_hunkMegs "300" // May need to be increased for additional players.
set sv_warmupReadyPercentage "0.7" // Ratio of players that must be ready before the match starts.
set g_inactivity "0" // Kick players who are inactive for x amount of seconds.
set g_alltalk "1" // 0: Limit voice comms to teams during match
// 1: Allow all players to talk to each other always
// 2: 1+ send back your own voice to yourself for testing
set sv_fps "80" // Change how many frames the server runs per second. WARNING: Has not been tested extensively, and
// will have a direct impact on CPU and network usage!
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