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Jonas Pauthier Nargonath

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Nargonath /
Last active September 18, 2020 06:12
Gathering of Git knowledge


  • git config --global alias.fwl "push --force-with-lease"
  • git config --global alias.rh "reset HEAD"
  • git config --global "pull --rebase"
  • git config --global "checkout develop"
  • git config --global alias.amd "commit --amend"
  • git config --global alias.amdne "commit --amend --no-edit"
  • git config --global alias.amda "commit -a --amend"
  • git config --global alias.amdane "commit -a --amend --no-edit"
Nargonath /
Last active July 22, 2017 12:29
Npm packages for beautiful CLI
Nargonath /
Last active July 23, 2017 21:13
Cook log of my sourdough bread testing


Alex French guy cooking

Water test

To pass the water test you have to take 2 tablespoons of your sourdough starter and feed it 100g of bread flour and 100g of water. Make it rest in a warm and dark place for about 4h and it should be able to pass the test.

First try


Nargonath / keymap_ngt.c
Created June 8, 2017 13:08
TMK Firware keyboard layout
#include "keymap_common.h"
* SpaceFN
const uint8_t PROGMEM keymaps[][MATRIX_ROWS][MATRIX_COLS] = {
/* Keymap 0: Default Layer => HHKB ISO AZERTY
* ,-----------------------------------------------------------.
* |Esc| 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9| 0| )| =|Backsp |
Nargonath /
Last active March 18, 2020 17:46
Used to regroup knowledge about CSS language to use as a fallback when having memory loss CSS-wise.

Calculate selectors priority/specificity

The priority of a selector can be expressed as a list of 4 digits: 0,0,0,0.

Starting from the right:

  • the first digit is the number of elements and pseudo-elements in the selector.
  • The second is the number of classes, attributes and pseudo-classes.
  • The third is the number of ID elements.
  • The last one if there is inline style property.

As an example: