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This is the solution to the Find Range problem from Assignment 2 of the Stanford CS106A Introduction to Programming Methodology Class
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* This file is the starter file for the FindRange problem.
import acm.program.*;
public class FindRange extends ConsoleProgram {
private static final int sentinal = 0;
public void run() {
private void displayWelcomeMessage() {
println("This program finds the largest and smallest numbers");
private void findRange() {
int firstNumber = readInt("?"); //asking user for the first number
if (firstNumber == sentinal) {
println("this is not a valid first value");
} //if the first number is the sentinal, displays message
int smallestNumber = firstNumber; //the first number is currently the smallest number
int largestNumber = firstNumber; //the first number is also the largest number
/*Pre-condition: the first number does not equal to the sentinal.
* compares each new number the user enters to the existing smallest and largest numbers,
* and stores them as the smallest or largest if they are smallest or largest
while ( firstNumber != sentinal) {
int secondNumber = readInt ("?"); //requests user to input the next number
if (secondNumber < smallestNumber) { //compares the new number to the smallest number
if (secondNumber != sentinal) {
smallestNumber = secondNumber;
// if the new number is the smaller than the smallest number,
//it is now stored as the smallest number
if (secondNumber > largestNumber) { //compares the new number to the largest number
if (secondNumber != sentinal) {
largestNumber = secondNumber;
//if the new number is larger than the largets number,
//it is now stored as the largest number
if(secondNumber == sentinal) { //if the new number is equal to the sentinal
println ("smallest: " + smallestNumber); //prints out smallest number
println ("largest: " + largestNumber); //pringt out largest number
firstNumber = sentinal; //assigns "sentinal" to the first number to stop the while loop
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