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Adobe Photoshop script to export to Esoteric Software's Spine:
Please note this script has moved:
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apiiipz commented Nov 6, 2014

open program (adobe extendscript toolkit) ---> copy paste this script --> save as

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tayl0r commented Nov 9, 2014

I'm using PS CC 2014.2.1 on Windows 8.1 and when I run this script the exported PNGs are all messed up. I get this:

And here are my PSD layers + export screen (note, I've tried all kinds of different options, all with basically the same result):

It's working for another artist on my team who using PS 14.0 x64 on OSX. Any ideas on what the problem could be, how to fix, or what I could do to debug?

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fserb commented Nov 9, 2014

I'm getting the same thing as @tayl0r with PS CC on Mac.

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pinkart commented Sep 21, 2015

how to download

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Png export is fine. But json is empty. What should I do?

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sindy1p commented Dec 22, 2015

This script is a great time-saver! Especially with the set ruler 0,0 as origin feature :")

Would it be possible to add a feature that would define which (Spine) slot each layer would be exported into? For example, if we have a couple frames for a blinking animation with the following layers:

  • Eyes_closed
  • Eyes_open
    It would be nice to skip the extra drag, drop, and rename steps if they can be exported into the same slot, named Eyes.

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Updated the script but i think is not the problem with the script, Png export is ok but i can't open it on Spine, the images are missing, i can't work for now !!! any advice on the new update from Spine? before it was all working fine !!!
I have a MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011) all up to date. :(

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iamdash commented May 24, 2016


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I'm also having the broken image issue. Any ideas?

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Figured it out: you need to browse to the folder you exported images to. This fixes it! @adankoala

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Jordimlaka commented Aug 23, 2016


This script saves the PNG with the color profile incrusted?, when the graphics is showed into Spine, these graphics cannot conserve the color profile aplied in photoshop.

Any ideas?

For other hand, i want to put one bone for each slot automatically when i export from psd, how can i have edit the script to do this?


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This is a total noob question, but i rarely use scripts... now I have saved it into my extendscript toolkit... not even sure if i did it right. lol. how do i actually run the script to get the files i need to get them to show in Spine? Here's an image of my layer setup...

layer setup

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Hello guys,

Error importing skeleton.
I had message when you import files from a photoshop - An error occurred while importing yhe skeleton.
Sptires also did not appear.
I decided to deal with the .JSON file and found the cause of the error:
Setting - sprite size - using fractional values and added an extra comma (like (x,5,y,z,)), so JSON did not load correctly.
To fix this bug I use nopad-find&replace command, but it`s not very convenient, maybe you can take into account this case in your Script.


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How can i do this for CS5 version of photoshop?

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This script will fail to write a json file if one of your layers have non-english characters in the layer name.
To fix this, you need to add:
file.encoding = "UTF-8";
between creating a new file object using "new File" and calling file.write().

Please use my fork for the fixed version.

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