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Working from home

Nato Boram NatoBoram

Working from home
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Omerlo CMS VSCode Settings

Since we've removed editor configs from the project, some developers might find their VSCode acting according to their personal preferences instead of according to the project's preference.

This gist sets you up to use VSCode on Omerlo CMS without having to pollute your personal settings nor enforcing your preferences on the project.

Create a new .gitignore

This new .gitignore can be either global or project-specific. Here's a few options where you can create it.

NatoBoram / Public IPFS
Last active Jan 20, 2023
The complete guide to hosting a public IPFS gateway
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Hosting a public IPFS gateway

This guide assumes that you've used ssh before. If not, then you must read How to Set Up SSH Keys.

I'm also going to assume you've used ipfs before. If not, then take some time to discover IPFS with IPFS Desktop, IPFS Companion and go-ipfs!

Get a host

A public IPFS gateway can be hosted at home or on the cloud.

NatoBoram /
Last active Nov 5, 2018
Qu'est-ce que IPFS?


IPFS signifie Inter-Planetary FileSystem, ou Système de Fichiers Inter-Planétaire. Il est extrêmement similaire au protocole BitTorrent, mais il est beaucoup plus facile d'utilisation. Cependant, il nécessite quelques notions supplémentaires avant de bien pouvoir l'apprécier.


Lire les sections suivantes vous aideront à comprendre les concepts clés sous-jacents à IPFS. Vous n'avez pas besoin d'une compréhension approfondie des concepts, simplement savoir ce qu'un terme veut dire est suffisant.

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