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Alex A. NeatMonster

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NeatMonster /
Created Mar 12, 2020
Contextual menu to enable copying as UUID/bytes list/hex string
import uuid
import ida_bytes
import ida_hexrays
import ida_idaapi
import ida_kernwin
from PyQt5.Qt import QApplication
class Plugin(ida_idaapi.plugin_t):
NeatMonster /
Created Mar 8, 2020
Creates a pattern file from a database
@brief Creates a pattern file from a database
@author neat
import os
import idautils
import ida_bytes
import ida_funcs
import argparse
from construct import Int16ul, Int64ul
def main(args):
with open(args.kernel, 'rb') as f:
data =
sym_addrs = data.find( * 2)
for offset in range(0, len(data), 0x100):
import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;
import org.objectweb.asm.ClassVisitor;
import org.objectweb.asm.ClassWriter;
import org.objectweb.asm.commons.ClassRemapper;
import os
import sys
from construct import *
BOOT_IMG_HDR = Struct(
"magic" / Const(b"ANDROID!"),
"kernel_size" / Int32ul,
"kernel_addr" / Int32ul,
"ramdisk_size" / Int32ul,
NeatMonster / dmca.txt
Created Apr 21, 2019
Companies that have issued the greatest number of DCMA requests to GitHub as of today
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97 Pearson
76 Codility
52 Stereoarts
43 Webkul
43 FHAdmin
41 Attributor
37 OffensiveSecurity
35 Odoo
35 Jetbrains
29 Mobiscroll
import ida_netnode
You can also switch the shell into IDC mode and enter del_user_info().
You can also edit your `~/ida-x/cfg/ida.cfg` and set `STORE_USER_INFO` to `NO`.
# This will replace the original user blob with the evaluation version blob.
NeatMonster /
Created Jul 19, 2017
Dumping JPEGs w/ Frida
import frida, sys
images = {}
def on_message(message, data):
global image
if message['type'] == 'send':
if message['payload'].startswith('['):
message = message['payload']
save = message[message.index(']')+1:]
NeatMonster / value-profiling.diff
Created Jul 3, 2017
This small patch adds support for value profiling into AFL 2.44b.
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diff -Naur a/llvm_mode/afl-llvm-rt.o.c b/llvm_mode/afl-llvm-rt.o.c
--- a/llvm_mode/afl-llvm-rt.o.c 2017-02-01 02:59:41.000000000 +0100
+++ b/llvm_mode/afl-llvm-rt.o.c 2017-06-29 15:55:53.052681442 +0200
@@ -304,3 +304,205 @@
+/* This function is called on every indirect call, but only if the binary has
+ been compiled with -fsanitize-coverage=trace-pc,indirect-calls. */