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Tiny Core - Core / MicroCore - Minimal Quick Install
# Core 6.1, requires ethernet
tce-load -wi cfdisk
tce-load -wi grub-0.97-splash
tce-load -wi nano
sudo su
fdisk -l
cfdisk /dev/sda
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1
mount /mnt/sda1
mount /mnt/sr0
mkdir -p /mnt/sda1/boot/grub
mkdir -p /mnt/sda1/tce/optional
cp -p /mnt/sdb1/boot/core.gz /mnt/sda1/boot/
cp -p /mnt/sdb1/boot/vmlinuz /mnt/sda1/boot/
cp -p /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/* /mnt/sda1/boot/grub/
touch /mnt/sda1/tce/mydata.tgz
# nano /mnt/sda1/boot/grub/menu.lst
# Enter the following (without # in front):
# default 0
# timeout 0
# title MicroCore
# kernel /boot/vmlinuz quiet
# initrd /boot/core.gz
# To save: ctrl-o, enter
# To quit: ctrl-x (if you didn't save, hit 'y', then enter)
# In the grub prompt,
root (hd0,0)
setup (hd0)
sudo reboot
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