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Mac OS X browser scroll and zoom events


  • Correct scrolling
  • pinch/zoom gesture on trackpack sends same wheel event as scroll events, but with ctrlKey set to true. Zoom level is detecteable via deltaY property (only when ctrlKey is set).
  • Real Ctrl + MouseWheel action doesn't fire any events and does nothing. Same for Cmd + MouseWheel


  • Correct scrolling
  • pinch/zoom gesture does nothing. i.e. neither zoom is performed, nor wheel events are fired
  • Ctrl + MouseWheel as well as Cmd + MouseWheel does zoom a page and fires corrent wheel events too.

Safari (9.0.3)

  • Correct scrolling
  • pinch/zoom gesture does zoom a page, but doesn't fire any events to detect it or prevent
  • Ctrl + MouseWheel (and Cmd + MouseWheel) does nothing. No zoom. No events.
  • Safari 9.1 is reported to have built-in gesture events to detect zoom/rotation with Macbook's TrackPad.
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