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Last active April 24, 2018 08:58
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SPU-dcc6159bd7531f6fec845c48edfc863ff439c7d4: &D3
- [be32, 0x1068, 1]
- [be32, 0x1d84, 1]
- [be32, 0x3274, 1]
SPU-b7b6614b66e1d905e8e3a5600e8c682a3bfcb8f0: &D4
- [be32, 0x1870, 1]
- [be32, 0x304c, 1]
- [be32, 0x3720, 1]
SPU-0b24950a93399c14fc96f4165f7d395d3cd424c1: &DD2
- [be32, 0x1720, 1]
- [be32, 0x3c48, 1]
- [be32, 0x42a8, 1]
SPU-3782760a045df10d95e24648fc7b7037bf635f52: &TGFP
- [be32, 0x51f4, 1]
- [be32, 0x556c, 1]
# old hashes for backward compatibility
spu-6f4bb7f45ec965ad714e61e20af1bd2c0eb34ac9: *D3
spu-d66b1cd09e2bee11bdadb2f9d620d7a19a5e64d9: *D3
spu-081a87bfa560fb6e30472c49a9f1a242dfa7fe5f: *D3
spu-386949c5a2ac1ce301a88c034c1dcf56971b036a: *D4
spu-ae7746989348136f4e7b550a69ef0a5fee41d692: *DD2
spu-f1c515906928b0b7ba99c506d7b42934b427f9fe: *TGFP
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CoalaJoe commented Apr 2, 2017

Here are some notes:

  - [{{Type of patch:}}, {{Probably memory address}}, {{Value(arbitrary) for the address}}]

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