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Minecraft with SEUS Shader - Guide

Minecraft in Beautiful

Guide by Florian Roth

Buy the JAVA Version of Minecraft - not the Windows 10 Bedrock version

Install JAVA

Not required by Minecraft itself, but by Minecraft Forge and its mods.

Windows Offline (64-bit)

Download Minecraft Forge

Then install, double click on .jar file

Download OptiFine

Then install, double click on .jar file

Shader 1: Download SEUS Shader (doesn't work in all cases)

Just download for now

Shader 2: Download Sildurs Shaders

Just download for now

Start Minecraft JAVA Edition with Minecraft Launcher

Check that for "OptiFine" next to the "Play" button. (there are other versions in the dropdown, but Optifine should be used)

Accept the risk of mods being used. If you don't see the notice, something went wrong.

In Game

Optionen > Video Settings > Shaders > click Shaders Folder

Copy both shader packages that we've downloaded earlier and copy them to this folder. Than back to the game, select shader and keep the other settings in their default for now.

Now test the shaders.

MiniMap Mod

The minimap mod helps a lot with the oriantation in the game.

Download - select the version for "Forge"

Install MiniMap Mod

Now the following steps

  1. Start the game once with a selected option "Forge" in the launcher - this creates a %AppData%\.minecraft\mods folder
  2. Exit the game
  3. Copy the Minimap Mod into the folder %AppData%\.minecraft\mods
  4. Start the launcher again with the option "Forge"

Other Resource Packs

Just copy them as ZIP into the Resource Pack folder.


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