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Install DSM 6.X on Proxmox 5.0.X




  • Create the proxmox VM as the following :
    • OS Type : Linux 4.x
    • CD/DVD : do not use any media
    • Hard disk : virtIO, local, 1Go, raw disk image
    • CPU : 2 cores
    • Memory : dynamiclly allocate between 2048 Mo and 4096 Mo
    • Network : Intel E1000, MAC auto
  • Copy loader img file on proxmox node : scp synoboot.img user@proxmox-host:/tmp
  • Open a term on proxmox node and change directory to /tmp : cd /tmp
  • Get start block of the EFI partition : fdisk -lu synoboot.img
  • Mount img file : mount -t auto -o loop,offset=[start block * 512] synoboot.img /mnt/tmp
  • Edit
  • Replace VM hard disk with img file : dd if=synoboot.img of=/dev/pve/vm-100-disk-1
  • Optionaly map physical HDDs

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@Madmaxguy Madmaxguy commented Jan 25, 2018

I have Proxmox 4.4, specified MAC and Serial, but nevertheless installation exits with an error described as wrong VID:PID on Xrenology forums. Hence I have a question: Which VID and PID did you specify in the grub.cfg?

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