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# Libraries import
import speech_recognition as sr
import moviepy.editor as mp
# It will clip the video
# subclip(starttime, endtime) to clip portion of video
# you can remove the subclip to convert complete video
clip = mp.VideoFileClip(r"sample1.mp4").subclip(10, 100)
# It will write the audio in converted_audio.wav file."Converted_audio.wav")
print("Finished the convertion into audio...")
# Now from here we convert audio into text
# It will read audio file
audio = sr.AudioFile("Converted_audio.wav")
print("Audio file readed...")
# Here the magic start
# create an instance of recognizer as r
r = sr.Recognizer()
with audio as source:
audio_file = r.record(source)
# Here we get our text
result = r.recognize_google(audio_file)
# Now we will store the text in file
with open('recognized.txt',mode ='w') as file:
print("Wooh.. You did it...")
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