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/** @var \Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\CollectionFactory */
protected $_collectionFactory;
public function __construct(
\Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\CollectionFactory $collectionFactory
) {
$this->_collectionFactory = $collectionFactory;
Nerjuz / getSlug.php
Created Jun 13, 2013
Generate slug function
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function getSlug($str) {
$str = strtolower(trim($str));
$search = array('(',')','ą','č','ę','ė','į','š','ų','ū','ž','Ą','Č','Ę','Ė','Į','Š','Ų','Ū','Ž');
$replace =array('','','a','c','e','e','i','s','u','u','z','a','c','e','e','i','s','u','u','z');
$str = str_replace($search, $replace, $str);
$cyr = array('À', 'Á', 'Â', 'Ã', 'Ä', 'Å', 'Æ', 'Ç', 'È', 'É', 'Ê', 'Ë', 'Ì', 'Í', 'Î', 'Ï', 'Ð', 'Ñ', 'Ò', 'Ó', 'Ô', 'Õ', 'Ö', 'Ø', 'Ù', 'Ú', 'Û', 'Ü', 'Ý', 'ß', 'à', 'á', 'â', 'ã', 'ä', 'å', 'æ', 'ç', 'è', 'é', 'ê', 'ë', 'ì', 'í', 'î', 'ï', 'ñ', 'ò', 'ó', 'ô', 'õ', 'ö', 'ø', 'ù', 'ú', 'û', 'ü', 'ý', 'ÿ', 'Ā', 'ā', 'Ă', 'ă', 'Ą', 'ą', 'Ć', 'ć', 'Ĉ', 'ĉ', 'Ċ', 'ċ', 'Č', 'č', 'Ď', 'ď', 'Đ', 'đ', 'Ē', 'ē', 'Ĕ', 'ĕ', 'Ė', 'ė', 'Ę', 'ę', 'Ě', 'ě', 'Ĝ', 'ĝ', 'Ğ', 'ğ', 'Ġ', 'ġ', 'Ģ', 'ģ', 'Ĥ', 'ĥ', 'Ħ', 'ħ', 'Ĩ', 'ĩ', 'Ī', 'ī', 'Ĭ', 'ĭ', 'Į', 'į', 'İ', 'ı', 'IJ', 'ij', 'Ĵ', 'ĵ', 'Ķ', 'ķ', 'Ĺ', 'ĺ', 'Ļ', 'ļ', 'Ľ', 'ľ', 'Ŀ', 'ŀ', 'Ł', 'ł', 'Ń', 'ń', 'Ņ', 'ņ', 'Ň', 'ň', 'ʼn', 'Ō', 'ō', 'Ŏ', 'ŏ', 'Ő', 'ő', '
Nerjuz / function.php
Created Jun 13, 2013
Disable the “please update now” message in WP dashboard
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if ( !current_user_can( 'edit_users' ) ) {
add_action( 'init', create_function( '$a', "remove_action( 'init', 'wp_version_check' );" ), 2 );
add_filter( 'pre_option_update_core', create_function( '$a', "return null;" ) );
Nerjuz / Heler in Controller.php
Created Jun 13, 2013
Use helper functions in controller
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class UsersController extends AppController {
function index() {
$view = new View($this);
$html = $view->loadHelper('Html');
debug($html->link('Cake!', ''));