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netop://ウエハ NetOpWibby

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View MouseSafeArea.ts
import * as React from "react";
import { useMousePosition } from "~/hooks/useMousePosition";
/** Component to cover the area between the mouse cursor and the sub-menu, to allow moving cursor to lower parts of sub-menu without the sub-menu disappearing. */
export function MouseSafeArea(props: { parentRef: React.RefObject<HTMLDivElement> }) {
const { x = 0, y = 0, height: h = 0, width: w = 0 } = props.parentRef.current?.getBoundingClientRect() || {};
const [mouseX, mouseY] = useMousePosition();
const positions = { x, y, h, w, mouseX, mouseY };
return (
View expiring-plugin.js
// USAGE: hsd --log-console=false --plugins=/path/to/this/file/expiring-plug.js
'use strict';
const {
} = require('hsd');
const plugin = exports;
NetOpWibby / gist:dccd404d2f60b8ff75eec6faa37a4226
Created January 22, 2022 07:44 — forked from tndata/gist:313688ffe2e2d24b676e2264a9943d5c
Sega MegaDrive development kit debugger
View gist:dccd404d2f60b8ff75eec6faa37a4226
*SEGA Megadrive comunication program *
*(c) 1991 Synchron Assembly *
* *
*f1=trace, f2=skip instruction f4=go
*d xxxx set dissasm window, d pc
*m xxxx set memory window, m pc
*j xxxx set sega PC
NetOpWibby /
Created December 21, 2021 05:57 — forked from arijusg/
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View gist:b1d60c423b187a2b6d96b948b7e3dac2
I am attesting that this GitHub handle NetOpWibby is linked to the Tezos account tz1UVwR1MhqfytRbypB1jeFbFKTLu4LSFE9A for tzprofiles

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am NetOpWibby on github.
  • I am netopwibby ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 4B05 7A94 358E FFA9 7AA4 7E8E FF55 C87C EE32 D395

To claim this, I am signing this object:

NetOpWibby / patch-svelte-compiler.js
Last active October 19, 2021 19:50
An excellent fix for Svelte not liking a lot of syntax
View patch-svelte-compiler.js
replace push with reassign
this is a fork of the excellent code by milahu (
all i did was clean the code to my liking, consistency and whatnot
NetOpWibby / names.mjs
Created April 24, 2021 21:07
Get the value of your Handshake names (obtained on Namebase), in HNS.
View names.mjs
/// N A T I V E
import fs from "fs";
import https from "https";
import { join } from "path";
/// U T I L
NetOpWibby / tracker_blocking.rb
Created July 30, 2020 21:33 — forked from dhh/tracker_blocking.rb
Current list of spy pixels named'n'shamed in HEY, as of April 23, 2020
View tracker_blocking.rb
module Entry::TrackerBlocking
extend ActiveSupport::Concern
included do
has_many :blocked_trackers
email_service_blockers = {
"ActiveCampaign" => /lt\.php(.*)?l\=open/,
"AWeber" => "",
NetOpWibby / TurnipPrices.cpp
Created April 7, 2020 19:30 — forked from Treeki/TurnipPrices.cpp
AC:NH turnip price calculator
View TurnipPrices.cpp
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
// munged from
namespace sead
class Random