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async def main_concurrent():
t = time.perf_counter()
tasks = [asyncio.create_task(handle_url(url))
for url in urls]
## All of the variants below would wait for everything:
# V1: this will wait as little as possible
# (point of this is to show that tasks start executing when created)
# for task in tasks:
# await task
# V2: ensures all is done by waiting for longest possible time
# await asyncio.sleep(11)
# V3: the kind of code one could actually write in real life
# (but it's a bit redundant: `wait` or `gather` can also receive
# coroutines and can start and run them properly)
await asyncio.wait(tasks)
print("> extracted data:", extracted_data)
print(f"time elapsed: {time.perf_counter() - t:.2f}s")
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