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Last active Feb 6, 2019
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# (requires Python 3.7+)
import asyncio, random, time
async def fetch_url(url):
print(f"~ executing fetch_url({url})")
t = time.perf_counter()
await asyncio.sleep(random.randint(1, 5))
print(f"time of fetch_url({url}): {time.perf_counter() - t:.2f}s")
return f"<em>fake</em> page html for {url}"
async def analyze_sentiment(html):
print(f"~ executing analyze_sentiment('{html}')")
t = time.perf_counter()
await asyncio.sleep(random.randint(1, 5))
r = {"positive": random.uniform(0, 1)}
print(f"time of analyze_sentiment('{html}'): {time.perf_counter() - t:.2f}s")
return r
urls = [
extracted_data = {}
async def handle_url(url):
html = await fetch_url(url)
extracted_data[url] = await analyze_sentiment(html)
async def main():
t = time.perf_counter()
await asyncio.gather(*(handle_url(url) for url in urls))
print("> extracted data:", extracted_data)
print(f"time elapsed: {time.perf_counter() - t:.2f}s")
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