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Custom plugin to send custom data from a text area after transaction success with Direct Stripe
* Plugin Name: Direct Stripe custom hooks
* Author: Nicolas Figueira
//Add a textarea before the button
add_action( 'direct_stripe_before_button', function() {
<div class="sms-hook">
<label><?php _e('The SMS content', 'textdomain'); ?></label>
<textarea class="sms-content"></textarea>
//GET transient and use sms data on transaction success
add_action( 'direct_stripe_before_success_redirection', function() {
$sms = get_transient('sms_value');
wp_mail( 'email_adress', 'subject', $sms);
//Add jQuery using wp_footer to get the data from the textarea
add_action('wp_footer', function() {
?><script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(".direct-stripe-button").on("click", function() {
var sms = jQuery(".sms-content").val();
var ajaxurl = <?php admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ); ?>
'action': 'ds_set_sms',
'sms': sms
//SET Transient
add_action( 'wp_ajax_ds_set_sms', 'ds_set_sms' );
add_action( 'wp_ajax_nopriv_ds_set_sms', 'ds_set_sms' );
function ds_set_sms() {
$sms = isset($_POST['sms']) ? $_POST['sms'] : '';
if( isset( $sms ) ) {
set_transient("sms_value", $sms );
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