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This script takes a directory of files ./A with broken aliases in ./A/B and fixes all those aliases by finding the associated file in ./[A-B] and calling `ln -sf`. It will not handle dir aliases, and can be confused when a the source tree contain multiple files with the target filename. As a bonus, this script will reduce the size of directories…
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'fileutils'
# these are the folders containing all your images
if ARGV.size == 2
dir_base = ARGV[0]
alias_folder = ARGV[1]
puts "usage $0 dir_with_all_files sub_dir_containing_broken_aliases"
puts " or pass -d to use defaults: ~/img background"
puts " ATTN: this scrip will be confused by a source tree with A/alias_name.jpg and B/alias_name.jpg, where B/alias_name.jpg is the correct target"
if ARGV[0] && ARGV[0] == '-d'
dir_base = File.expand_path '~/img'
alias_folder = 'background'
alias_path = File.join dir_base, alias_folder
# list of all alias file paths, dirs excluded
alist = Dir.glob( alias_path+'/**/*').
select{|w| w.scan('.').any? }
puts "I will try to update #{alist.count} aliases"
# a list of all file paths, alias fodler contents excluded
flist = Dir.glob( dir_base+'/**/*' ).
reject{|w| w.scan(alias_path).any? }
puts " from #{flist.count} source files"
# forcably create new aliases by overwriting old files
alist.each do |f|
flist.each do |w|
if w.split('/').last == f.split('/').last
FileUtils.symlink(w, f, :force => true)
puts "linked #{w} to #{f}"

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NewAlexandria commented Mar 24, 2013

Note the nifty /usr/bin/env ruby gleaned from here

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