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Created January 29, 2014 03:08
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SQL 2014 Top Queries DB Filter Test
Declare @MaxResultCount int = 50;
SELECT AvgCPU, AvgDuration, AvgReads, AvgCPUPerMinute,
TotalCPU, TotalDuration, TotalReads,
PercentCPU, PercentDuration, PercentReads, PercentExecutions,
PlanCreationTime, LastExecutionTime,
(StatementStartOffset / 2) + 1,
((CASE StatementEndOffset
ELSE StatementEndOffset
END - StatementStartOffset) / 2) + 1) AS QueryText,
query_plan AS QueryPlan,
DB_NAME(qp.dbid) AS CompiledOnDatabase
FROM (SELECT TOP (@MaxResultCount)
total_worker_time / execution_count AS AvgCPU,
total_elapsed_time / execution_count AS AvgDuration,
total_logical_reads / execution_count AS AvgReads,
Cast(total_worker_time / age_minutes As BigInt) AS AvgCPUPerMinute,
execution_count / age_minutes AS ExecutionsPerMinute,
Cast(total_worker_time / age_minutes_lifetime As BigInt) AS AvgCPUPerMinuteLifetime,
execution_count / age_minutes_lifetime AS ExecutionsPerMinuteLifetime,
total_worker_time AS TotalCPU,
total_elapsed_time AS TotalDuration,
total_logical_reads AS TotalReads,
execution_count ExecutionCount,
CAST(ROUND(100.00 * total_worker_time / t.TotalWorker, 2) AS MONEY) AS PercentCPU,
CAST(ROUND(100.00 * total_elapsed_time / t.TotalElapsed, 2) AS MONEY) AS PercentDuration,
CAST(ROUND(100.00 * total_logical_reads / t.TotalReads, 2) AS MONEY) AS PercentReads,
CAST(ROUND(100.00 * execution_count / t.TotalExecs, 2) AS MONEY) AS PercentExecutions,
qs.creation_time AS PlanCreationTime,
qs.last_execution_time AS LastExecutionTime,
qs.plan_handle AS PlanHandle,
qs.statement_start_offset AS StatementStartOffset,
qs.statement_end_offset AS StatementEndOffset,
qs.min_rows AS MinReturnedRows,
qs.max_rows AS MaxReturnedRows,
CAST(qs.total_rows as MONEY) / execution_count AS AvgReturnedRows,
qs.total_rows AS TotalReturnedRows,
qs.last_rows AS LastReturnedRows,
qs.sql_handle AS SqlHandle
CAST((CASE WHEN DATEDIFF(second, creation_time, GETDATE()) > 0 And execution_count > 1
THEN DATEDIFF(second, creation_time, GETDATE()) / 60.0
ELSE Null END) as MONEY) as age_minutes,
CAST((CASE WHEN DATEDIFF(second, creation_time, last_execution_time) > 0 And execution_count > 1
THEN DATEDIFF(second, creation_time, last_execution_time) / 60.0
ELSE Null END) as MONEY) as age_minutes_lifetime
FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats) AS qs
CROSS JOIN(SELECT SUM(execution_count) TotalExecs,
SUM(total_elapsed_time) TotalElapsed,
SUM(total_worker_time) TotalWorker,
SUM(total_logical_reads) TotalReads
FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats) AS t
-- CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_plan_attributes(qs.plan_handle) AS pa
-- WHERE Cast(pa.value as Int) = 22
-- AND pa.attribute = 'dbid'
ORDER BY TotalCPU Desc) sq
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(SqlHandle) AS st
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_query_plan(PlanHandle) AS qp
NY-SQL02 (SO Server - 6 user databases)
**No filter:**
CPU time = 359 ms, elapsed time = 607 ms.
**With SO Filter:**
CPU time = 344 ms, elapsed time = 711 ms.
NY-SQL03 (SE Network Server - 286 user databases)
**No Filter:**
CPU time = 1015 ms, elapsed time = 2178 ms.
**With Careers Filter:**
CPU time = 922 ms, elapsed time = 1887 ms.
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