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Created Sep 13, 2015
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Actually it would not be a clone of Total Commander but rather of the Norton Commander, which is a parent of a large family of 2-pane file managers.

##muCommander (homepage, wiki).

It's a 2-pane file manager, providing an interface, similar to those of the Norton Commander family, but in the look and feel, native to OS X. It's actually cross-platform and available for any popular OS.

muCommander is free and released under the GNU General Public License. It's written in Java and requires it to run.

###Installation on OS X:


brew cask install mucommander 

Direct download:

#Midnight commander (homepage, wiki)

This one is really NC-style. Its features and installation are discussed in this question:


A great list of file managers (not all of them are 2-pane) is available in Wikipedia: Cross-platform file managers.

Disclaimer: I'm not Peter Norton, Christian Ghisler, Maxence Bernard, or any other developer in the world, having ever developed a file manager. I'm not affiliated in any way to any mentioned software, including OS X, Homebrew and Wikipedia. I'm also not promoting any mentioned software, do not give any guarantees of it's functionality, applicability, security or any other qualities.

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