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AzureDevops Git aliases
pushu = !git push --set-upstream origin `git symbolic-ref --short HEAD` && git rpr
current-branch-name = !git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD
current-branch-name-escaped = !git escape-url `git current-branch-name`
escape-url = "!f() { perl -MURI::Escape -e \"print uri_escape('"$*"');\"; }; f"
current-push-url = !git remote get-url --push origin
raise-pull-request = !sh -c \"echo -e \\\" \\nRaise a pull request here: \\n `git current-push-url`/pullrequestcreate?sourceRef=`git current-branch-name-escaped`&targetRef=master\\\"\"
rpr = raise-pull-request
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NigelThorne commented Aug 28, 2020

git pushu
sets upstream to follow local branch name and pushes changes to server.
Then generates and displays url for azuredevops to raise a pull request.

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