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Created June 7, 2011 14:54
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More-Link wrappen
Dieses Typoscript wrappt den More-Link und umschließt ihn mit dem <p>-Tag, sowie fügt ihm die Klasse ".news-latest-morelink" bei.
Entwickelt von Sven Wolfermann (
plugin.tt_news.displayLatest {
subheader_stdWrap {
stripHtml = 1
crop = 150 | ... | 1
ifEmpty.field = bodytext
# the "more" link is directly appended to the subheader
append = TEXT = register:newsMoreLink
append.wrap = <p class="news-latest-morelink">|</p>
# display the "more" link only if the field bodytext contains something
append.if.isTrue.field = bodytext
outerWrap = <p>|</p>
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