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Change header for particular page -
* Change the dynamic header for a particular page.
* @param String $header_id Page/Template ID of the header set from the options panel.
* @return String Page/Template ID of the header after manipulation.
function bbhf_header_override( $header_id ) {
// Check if the current page id is the page which we want to change the header for, here 1241 is the Id of the page for which I want to have a differennt header.
if ( is_singular() && get_the_id() == '1241' ) {
// return the ID of the template/page which you want to replace on this page. Here for page with ID 1241 I am overridinng the header with id 30.
return '30';
// As a default return the $id unchanged.
return $header_id;
add_filter( 'bhf_setting_bb_header_id', 'bbhf_header_override' );

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@Nikschavan Nikschavan commented Feb 23, 2017

The id of the page/template can be found from like this

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