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gatling packer digitalocean + amazon example
"builders": [
"type": "digitalocean",
"api_token": "XXXX",
"image": "ubuntu-14-04-x64",
"region" : "nyc3",
"size" : "1gb",
"droplet_name" : "gatlingNode"
"type": "amazon-ebs",
"access_key": "XXX",
"secret_key": "XXX",
"region": "us-east-1",
"source_ami": "ami-b8067ed0",
"instance_type": "t2.micro",
"ssh_username": "ubuntu",
"ami_name": "gatlingNode"
"provisioners": [
"type": "shell",
"inline": [
"sudo apt-get update",
"sudo apt-get install -y unzip",
"sudo apt-get install -y default-jre",
"wget -P /tmp",
"mkdir ~/gatling",
"unzip /tmp/ -d ~/gatling/",
"ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -t rsa -N ''",
"touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys",
"cat ~/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys",
"touch ~/.ssh/config",
"echo \"Host *\" >> ~/.ssh/config",
"echo \" StrictHostKeyChecking no\" >> ~/.ssh/config",
"sleep 120",
"echo \"finished running the script\""
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