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Working my way to FI/RE

Cristián Arenas Ulloa NinoScript

Working my way to FI/RE
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View groupBy.ts
export function groupBy<T, K>(array: T[], getKey: (value: T) => K): Map<K, T[]> {
return array.reduce(
(groups, item) => {
const key = getKey(item);
const innerArray = groups.get(key);
if (innerArray === undefined) {
groups.set(key, [item])
} else {
NinoScript / randomColorGenerator.js
Last active Aug 30, 2018
You can use this generator to get nicely distributed color with the same saturation and lightness.
View randomColorGenerator.js
// TIL that a `function *` in JavaScript makes a generator.
// Generators "yield" values and their execution is paused until next() is called.
function * randomColorGenerator(initialHue, saturation, lightness) {
const phi = 0.618033988749895;
let hue = initialHue;
while(true) {
yield `hsl(${Math.round(hue)}, ${saturation}, ${lightness})`;
hue = (hue + phi * 360) % 360;
View post-robot.d.ts
declare module 'post-robot' {
// Warning: This is not actually a Promise, but the interface is the same.
type ZalgoPromise<T> = Promise<T>;
// For our purposes, Window is cross domain enough. For now at least.
type CrossDomainWindowType = Window;
type WindowResolverType = CrossDomainWindowType | string | HTMLIFrameElement;
// Client
// Loosely based on:
NinoScript / UIViewRotate.playground
Created Mar 8, 2018
Rotate UIView with anchorPoint
View UIViewRotate.playground
//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import UIKit
let r = UIView(frame: CGRect(
x: 0,
y: 0,
width: 200,
height: 200
NinoScript / mnesia_test.ex
Last active Jan 22, 2018
Macro for running tests that use Mnesia in a transaction
View mnesia_test.ex
defmacro mnesia_test(description, context \\ quote(do: _), do: block) do
quote do
test unquote(description), unquote(context) do
{:aborted, error} =
Mnesia.transaction(fn ->
case error do
NinoScript / SignalProducer+D3.swift
Created Mar 23, 2017
D3.js-like enter and exit functions for ReactiveSwift
View SignalProducer+D3.swift
// SignalProducer+D3.swift
// Created by Cristián Arenas Ulloa on 3/23/17.
// WTFPLv2
// This overcomplicated tool fits my use case.
// It will probably make a lot of sense to you too if you've ever used D3.js.
// There was probably an easier way to do it,
// but I'm just learning ReactiveSwift so don't hate me .
NinoScript / ThrowingUtils.swift
Last active Mar 9, 2017
Just some utility functions for when you are working inside a throwing function
View ThrowingUtils.swift
// ThrowingUtils.swift
// Created by Cristián Arenas Ulloa on 1/13/17.
// WTFPLv2
// Usage example: try maybeValue.unwrapped()
extension Optional {
func unwrapped() throws -> Wrapped {
View ThrowingUtils.swift
// ThrowingUtils.swift
// Created by Cristián Arenas Ulloa on 1/13/17.
// WTFPLv2
import Foundation
// Usage example: try maybeValue.unwrapped()
NinoScript / Emptiable.swift
Last active Jan 26, 2017
Playing around with the concept of "emptiable" values
View Emptiable.swift
//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import Cocoa
protocol Emptiable {
static var emptyValue: Self { get }
extension Emptiable where Self: Equatable {
var nonEmptyValue: Self? {
NinoScript / EnumNSCoding.swift
Last active Mar 19, 2018
NSCoding a Swift Enum
View EnumNSCoding.swift
//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
import Cocoa
enum Enum {
case SimpleCase
case AssociatedValue(String)
case AnotherAssociated(Int)
extension Enum {
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