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Last active December 29, 2022 14:21
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[OSX] Lists the URLs of all the open tabs in a specified browser.
# args: browser
# example: ./ "Brave Browser"
# credits:
# validate args
# don't open app if not already open
osascript << EOF
# build the output with this variable
set titleString to ""
# Apple Script must be able to compile tell statments
# which mean's they can't be variable in Apple Script its self
# but not Bash ;)
tell application "$1"
set window_list to every window # get the windows
repeat with the_window in window_list # for every window
set tab_list to every tab in the_window # get the tabs
repeat with the_tab in tab_list # for every tab
set the_url to the URL of the_tab # grab the URL
set titleString to titleString & the_url & "\n"
end repeat
end repeat
return titleString
end tell
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