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Noam Ben Ari NoamB

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Http-kit code reading
HttpException - standard exception
DynamicBytes - self expanding byte array
HeaderMap - array used as map for speed
HttpMethod - enum for methods
NoamB / gist:6e940775dfa63c73ee9c
Last active May 15, 2019
camelize-dasherize mini library
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(ns util.camelize-dasherize
(:import (clojure.lang IPersistentMap Keyword))
(:require [clojure.string :as s]
[ :as zip]))
; TODO: regex is slow, should try iterating the string.
(defn dasherize-string
"Converts an underscored or camelized string
into an dasherized one."
NoamB / auth.clj
Created Oct 26, 2013
working require-login
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(defn require-login*
"Used to wrap a route handler, checks if 'logged-in?'. If true, allows the handler to run.
If false, rejects the user."
[success-method fail-method {session :session :as req}]
(if (logged-in? session)
(apply success-method [req])
(apply fail-method [req])))
(defn- require-login-single-form
[fail-method [method path args & body :as form]]